Thursday, 10 March 2011


The reunion of the Jolly Girls hit Lancaster last night when we all became Stavros Flatley's and ventured into a newly opened Greek restaurant. The evening started somewhat strangely on my part as I had one of customary 'blond moments'. As RJ had asked me to stay over for the evening, we'd arranged for me to pick her up first, then drive into the city centre to meet up with the others. I'd had a long and pretty tricky day at work. I'm just on the last legs of a bad cold and still feeling a bit under the weather. It's dark, and I couldn't remember RJ's house number from my last visit several months ago. I recall her front door being white and there being a hanging basket outside. House located, bottle of expensive plonk in hand, I rang the doorbell and turned round in a high-pitched 'HIII-YYAA', to see a 21 stone bearded bloke with wild hair stood in the doorway. Although momentarily stunned, I tried to stay calm whilst trying to nonchalantly glance past him for any sign of RJ being held captive, and then just blurted out something on the lines of 'hi, you don't me but I'm from Blackpool and I'm looking for my friend and you have a white door and I think I'm confused because of sinusitis so I'm just going to go now and very sorry for troubling you, goodbye'. To this man's credit, although he had quite possibly the scariest serial-killer unhinged appearance, he was extremely kind and asked who I was looking for and did he want to accompany me to try and locate my friend. If the thought had momentarily crossed his mind that I might be a patient out on leave from the nearby Ridge Lea psychiatric hospital, he didn't show it. Whilst backing away up his path and waving my goodbyes, thanks and promises to keep in touch, I then tripped up on a loose paving stone and did one of those great 'oh f*ck' moments with arms outstretched. Four doors down and RJ was standing on her doorstep with arms folded, laughing having heard every word of it. 
And so to the Greek restaurant where we met up with the other two girls. I don't remember any of us drawing breath for the next 4 hours. Not having had Greek food since I last went to Cyprus yonks ago, it was actually pretty good and inexpensive. We ate lots of squashy cheese things with pastry. I noticed RJ had squid and I passed up on the offer of sampling that. Lots of minty yoghurty things which RJ and I managed to capture on the front of our clothes and where our nicknames of the Monica Lewinsky's of Lancaster were born. We caught up on all the gossip and made our plans for future outings. I noticed we were the last ones to leave with waiters asleep on the stairs longing for their beds. Great night out. Big thanks RJ and it seems you're not the only blonde in our gang x

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