Monday, 7 March 2011


Having now become a fully paid up member of the blogging fan club, I feel it's time for a little reflection on the state of things so far in Fishfingerbutty world. What started out as a bit of hobby to pass some time before starting a  new job, has turned into a healthy obsession. Blogging gives you the opportunity to rant, to say nice things about people, to take the mickey out everything and everyone and to connect with others who hopefully have a similar outlook on the world.  It's been great fun and at times, quite a cathartic experience to let rip on issues that really hack me off. Let me say at this point that it pleases me no end when I get comments back on the blogs and a big thank you to the contributors so far on the rantings and anecdotes of a Lancastrian grumpy psychiatric nurse. Only a handful of the posted comments (usually anonymously) are a little off the radar and edge a little into planet la-la land, but comments are always welcome whether good, bad or indifferent. 
One of my fave parts of blogging is Blogger's nifty 'Stats' feature. This provides a geek like me the opportunity to see which posts are the most popular, how many blog hits/pageviews this blog achieves at any given time and provides a list of countries making up the blog's audience. I have to say at this point, I don't get off on the figures or worry incessantly about pageviews. But what really rocks my boat is the parts of world this blog reaches. Yes dear reader - I'm interested in YOU! The main audience comes not surprisingly from the UK followed by North America to a close second. There's been hits from most European countries, the Far East, Middle East and Australasia. Sad I know, but I get really excited when I get 'new' hits from new countries. This week, I had Indonesia, Jordan and Georgia for new hits. I loved that. I nearly wet myself when I recently got my first hit from South America (Chile). Only one hit from Africa so far (South Africa) but I'm waiting with baited breath for my second and fingers crossed for Libya or Burkina Faso. Still haven't got the elusive Japan or any from the West Indies yet but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. 

Here's some FFB stats (ok, just humour me... I warned you I was a geek)

2 new phrases invented by FFB to enter the English vocabulary (Gok Wank and wankwipe)
3 design changes to the FFB blog so far 
13 most comments on one blog 
124 expletives (ok, I'm not so proud of that and will try and mend my ways) 
356 blog posts so far
397 comments by your good selves and responses back
1034 highest viewed blog post (Keeep Dancing blog) 2nd highest (The Sex Factor - Ah hah! Got your attention there didn't I?)
2189 highest monthly blog hits (Dec 2010)
2414 highest referring URL site (
5986 highest pageviews by browsers (internet explorer)

So all that remains for me to say although apologies that it's only in English... A big Hello from the Fishfingerbutty blog, thanks to all of you for taking the time and trouble to keep checking in and please keep the comments coming.... 


  1. What's this eh? No Canadian flag? I've noticed that the most hits on my site, by far, refer back to a posting I did on 'horse manure'. Might say something about me, I guess.
    And thanks for your interaction within the blogging community. It's all part of the fun.
    Take care eh :)

  2. What was I thinking missing out the Canadian flag? Expect a future Canadian blog soon to make up for it.
    Horse manure eh? Must check that one out.
    Thanks for checking in Gary and for your comments - much appreciated.

  3. Ola to today's new blog viewers from Guatemala and Brazil!