Saturday, 5 March 2011


I've had a bad cold this week which apart from the inevitable grumpiness, nose blowing and sleep deprivation, I've also had that weird urge to eat loads of crap. Never the phrase 'feed a cold, starve a fever' been more appropriate this week in my relentless pursuit of an unhealthy food-fest. Last night after work saw the car heading in the direction of Fleetwood and the best chippy in the world. Feeling momentarily guilty after gorging on lightly battered haddock and chips, I then got the urge for sweets. There's a little sweet shop in the back streets of Fleetwood which takes you back to 1960's Britain. It's a tiny corner shop nestled in a little back street which reminds me of stepping back in time to something like Wetherfield's Coronation Street. It's been there probably since the war and I think the shopkeeper still wears his demob suit. I wasn't holding out too much hope as it was now about 6.30pm but I thought I'd try anyway. Like a bright star on the horizon, all lights were on as I pulled up and I smiled when I saw there was a queue outside the shop. It seems the population of Fleetwood take their Friday night sweet intake VERY seriously..
Step inside the shop and you think all your birthday's have come at once. It's immaculately clean with sweets and confectionary lovingly laid out on display in an orderly fashion by the shopkeeper who obviously take pride in their shop. They knew every kid by name and every parent's name. There was order and not a hint of rudeness or bad behaviour from any of the kids. I noticed there was old fashioned scales and everyone asked for 'a quarter of...'. Ah yes, metric weights are a dirty word in this part of the world. Perhaps one of my favourite bits of this shop is the selection of ice cream and ice lollies. Bonds (a local ice cream company) supply the gorgeous varieties and the shopkeepers themselves make their own ice lollies. I kid you not - for a barnstorming 20p, you can buy home-made vimto, milkshake and cola lollies. They can't make them fast enough and they are supreme. Satisfied with my bags of midget gems, vimto bon-bons, and floral gums, I headed off home with a satisfied smile but a slight pang of worry that this shop is so rare and so unique and yet it will soon be gone and no doubt replaced by a 24 hour Tesco Express, Spar or Londis. But for now, and each time I venture into Fleetwood, it will gladly receive my patronage and I pray each night to the Patron Saint of Confectionary (St Cadburys of Bournville) that it keeps going just a little while longer.. 

And in a whiff of nostalgia, anyone growing up in the 70's and 80's might just remember these little confectionary items sadly no longer with us....

Aztec bar 
Marathon (now Snickers -yuk) 
Screwball ice cream 
Space / Moon dust 
Tiger Tots 
Opal Fruits (before they got the stupid Starburst name) 
Cresta (it's frothy man!)
Smiths crisps (square crisps with a blue square packet of salt?) 
Edible cigarettes sold in packets of 10 
Jolly Ranchers 
Galaxy Counters
Ice Breakers 
Pink Panther bars (strawberry pink flavoured chocolate?) 
Cadburys Old Jamaica bar (rum and raisin flavour - deeelish)

I'm sure I've missed loads more but feel free to share your sweet and chocolate memories....



  1. Do you remember R White's lemonade? Something tells me you remember the TV ad, even if you never drank it.

  2. R White's lem-on-aaa-aaa-ade.. I'm a secret lemonade drinker. Yep, I remember it and drank it. And if memory serves me correctly, the tune was written by Elvis Costello's dad?
    I also remember the days in my youth of GLASS bottles of Tizer, Dandelion and Burdock and Sasparilla. Was it my imagination, or did they taste better then? Those bottles remind me of family picnics and my dad putting them in an icy cold stream to keep them cool. That's also brought back horrible memories of egg and cress sandwiches..bluuuurgrghh.
    Great shout GB.

  3. Elvis Costello's dad! Who'd have thunk it? R White's lemonade was actually pretty good and rather addictive - the TV ad was probably quite realistic. But Tizer definitely tasted better then it would now.

  4. I'm sure I saw R White's lemonade on the shelves at Tesco recently. I also used to love ginger beer (which unfortunately is now associated with cockney rhyming slang). It used to make your eyes and nose run a bit when you drank it quickly, but it was lovely.