Monday, 7 March 2011


They conjur up symbols of the Summer of Love Woodstock hippy era, of heading off to the beach loaded with surfboards, or of the free-spirited search for adventure for months at a time. The iconic VW camper van (or Bulli as it is known in Germany) was mainly in production from 1950 to 1967 but many versions followed. I absolutely love the iconic VW camper van and would happily give up chocolate for a decade to have one for a summer to head off to Italy or Greece. I suppose Greece because of watching the dreadful film 'Summer Holiday' when Cliff Richard and his goofy friends set off for Athens in a London double decker bus. 

VW have now unveiled the 21st century 'Bulli' at the Geneva Motor Show which VW hope have captured the essence of the old camper van. Ermm... on first sighting, I don't think so. The new version is powered by electric motor and has an integrated iPad system to control the van's entertainment system. However, it does have the 3 person front bench seat of old. Just my opinion, but it seems VW have lost the concept here. The new version looks like any other people carrier. You know, the ones lined up next to the 4x4's at the local Sainsbury's on a Saturday morning and the one's clogging up the roads on the school runs. When BMW reinvented the classic Mini, they made it sexy and cool. It appealed to all (especially to youngsters) and sold in millions. The new VW camper van doesn't have that sexiness nor does it seem to cry out to the old hippies now with disposable income or young free-spirited people (having parents with disposable income) to run off to their VW dealership in search of capturing the wanderlust of adventure. It's just another people carrier appealing to Mr and Mrs Average from the Home Counties with their 2.2 children and a cute dog. I'm this will also appeal to Mr and Mrs Average's compliance to their devotion to the environment and their carbon footprint. How bloody boring.....

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