Sunday, 6 March 2011


Oh boy, it's good to have him back. Liam Gallagher ex Oasis frontman has returned this week with his new band Beady Eye and released the band's new track 'The Roller'. According to Liam, the band are so named so as to be placed in record racks next to The Beatles as opposed to 'the f*****g Osmonds'. Liam  certainly not one to hold back on his modesty, has described Beady Eye's latest offering as 'proper rock and roll'. Any band that returns back to musicianship, write their own songs and play their own instruments and gives a credible and much needed alternative to the incessant R&B fodder is absolutely fine by me. I mentioned in a previous blog that I had bought the latest Brit Awards 2011 cd (as I do every year) and was dismayed at finding only a handful of tracks out of the 40 on there that a) I knew b) I liked c) said 'wow that's different'. 
When Oasis swaggered from the streets of Manchester onto the music scene in the 90's, they were suddenly the definitive rock band. Love them or hate them, they scored 23 top 10 singles, eight number one albums and 70 million record sales worldwide. The warring between the Gallagher brothers, the splits, the excesses and the marriages made daily headlines and yet they still managed to fill stadiums with their anthems. 
After the band split in 2009, Liam has now decided to form Beady Eye with band members comprising of ex Oasis members. Effectively, Beady Eye are nothing new.. they are still Oasis with the heavy hint on Beatles-inspired music and with vocals given a huge nod in the direction of John Lennon. Listen to 'The Roller' and you are taken back to Lennon's 'Instant Karma'. It's not going to break new creative ground in music and it remains to be seen whether Beady Eye can reproduce the 'rawness' and innovation without Noel Gallagher, but I for one, am glad Liam and Beady Eye are back. I've missed him. 
Mad for it!      

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