Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Almost a year in hibernation and now back due to popular demand...the Fishfingerbutty blog is officially back. When I say popular demand, it was actually one person but at least my one fan Dave managed to persuade me out of retirement to dust down the laptop and begin my warblings on subjects close to my heart. Of course the big advantage of taking a year off from blogging is the wealth of accumulated topics yet to grumble about, take the mickey out of or even promote if worthy of note. No longer can I fall silent on hot topics like why the bloody hell Bruce Forsyth got a knighthood? On why Liverpool's Andy Carroll can't score in a brothel. Or even some in-depth debate on David Beckham's new underpants range? Yep, I can't be silent any longer. Unleash the  Fishfingerbutty blog.. I'm coming at'cha...


  1. Gosh, good to see you back. Do you remember me? One of your adoring fans. And this might surprise you, but I actually have a blog. I thinks it's time to go into satirical, bordering on cynical, overdrive. So, let's see you come at'cha :)
    I am getting tired of turning down knighthoods. When will they get the message I aint interested.

  2. Welcome back, FFB! I really missed not having your views on the girl with small boobs than Prince William married.

  3. Hey fellas. Good to hear from you both and great to see you kept up with the blogging.
    And yep, watch this space for the Kate Middleton blogs although I've noticed her sister Pippa seems to get more press in the UK these days.. especially after wearing 'that' dress.

  4. Hey Lass - Good to see you back to your therapy sessions again

    Your Carer Dave P xx