Thursday, 9 February 2012


At last, Fabio Capello has done the right thing and resigned from the England Manager's job and headed off back to Italia. Of course, whilst most England supporters will probably be cheering at the prospect of seeing the back of the  Postman Pat lookie-likee with his £6 million salary, it leaves a bitter legacy for taking England forward to the Euro 2012 tournament. In the week where the FA have stripped John Terry of the England captaincy, England are also managerless on the lead up to a major tourno. I for one am glad to see the back of both of these boorish characters. Never being a great fan of Terry, it was only a matter of time before his loutish behaviour caught up with him after awaiting charges of racially abusing another player. After many lurid stories of the England captain's extra-marital affairs, The FA decided these were unacceptable allegations not befitting of a England captain and decided to remove him from the post. Fabio then goes public on Italian tv bemoaning the FA's decision to undermine him by leaving him out of the decision to remove Terry. So caio baby, here's my resignation.

The bookies favourite to take the job is Harry Redknapp. I guess any passionate England fan would want Redknapp to manage England to achieve the greatness that has eluded them since 1966. I'm not sure the Spurs fans will be cheering on Harry to leave. At last, they are hitting the heights of challenging for the Premiership and qualifying for the Champions League and it could all go a bit Pete Tong if Harry takes the big job. That's of course if Spurs let him go. 

Whatever happens, and whoever gets the job, let's hope they take England forward and really get this team going to challenge the likes of Spain and Germany at Euro 2012. But my fingers will be tightly crossed the man they pick will be 'Arry. 



  1. I hope that grey-haired fella who manages Wolves throws his hat into the ring. A bit of farcical humour might help defuse the rancour of Terry/Capello affair.

  2. Can't believe I overlooked Mr erudite himself Mick MsCarthy particularly for his wit and hairdo. But hang on, isn't he from the kingdom of Yorkshire? I believe rules him out from managing England on the principle we've had two crap foreign managers already.
    There's always Ian Holloway from Blackpool. Now THAT would be interesting...