Thursday, 23 September 2010


Fabio Capello gets bad press these days not only due to the FA paying him a £6m contract and for England getting ceremoniously dumped out of the World Cup, but also for the fact that Mr Potato Head can barely string together a sentence in English. Bit of a drawback that when you're living in England and trying to coach a side full of Englishmen. At least with Fabio, he doesn't try to talk with an English accent. He just speaks in befuddled tones with a high emphasis on the Italian drawl. 
It is with deep regret then I ask to cast your mind back to Steve McLaren. Remember him? ex England coach? Wally with the brolly? Dumped David Beckham and did for English football what Ann Widdecombe does for ballroom dancing. After his sacking from the job as England Manager, Yorkshireman McLaren found a new vacancy in the Dutch League at FC Twente. During this time, Eeee, by 'eck lad McLaren developed a strange Dutch accent when being interviewed. He has since moved into the Bundesliga in Germany, managing Wolfsburg and surprise surprise, he has been interviewed this week adopting a German accent reminiscent of a Colditz SS Stormtrooper. Oh yes, no more Yorkshire dialect for Herr McLaren, more Vorsprung durch Technik. 
The video clip sees Steve in his Dutch 'Van Der Valk' period.  You can't help thinking.. a) what a pillock b) imagine Steve managing a Japanese side?  


  1. A lot of people find their accent changes when they live in another country. After living in England for a few years I started talking like James Robertson Justice. But that McLaren guy is a pillock, I'll agree with you there.

  2. Thanks Gorilla Bananas for checking in and your comments are always welcome. James Robertson Justice? Wow, that's a blast from the past. I'm thinking he's the grumpy old surgeon in the 'Doctor In..' films? Glad you share my thoughts of McClaren's status as pillock of the highest order.

  3. Indeed he was, you have remembered correctly.