Friday, 24 September 2010


I've already purchased my Friday's Euro Millions lottery ticket in the foolhardy expectation that on Saturday I'll be ordering this little beauty. The SA Aperta has just been unveiled to mark Ferrari Pininfarina's 80th anniversary. It boasts a 6.0 litre engine which will probably get you 15 feet per gallon. On first glance it looks a like it gives a nod in the direction of the designers over at Porsche, but blimey, it's lovely. 
And you don't get much change out of £340,000 so it's a bit a steal.  But in the meantime, I shall be content with driving my 8 year old car which is due a service and smells of wet dogs which is a bit odd as I don't even own a dog. 


  1. Isn't there a bumper sticker saying "My other car's a Ferrari"?

  2. Indeed there is. There are also the ubiquitous car stickers declaring 'princess on board', 'twins on board', 'ugly little bastard on board' (ok, I made that one up), 'mum's taxi', and my personal favourite... 'powered by fairy dust'. You have to wonder about these people's sanity as they stand in Halfords looking at the 'powered by fairy dust' car sticker and thinking 'wow, that'll look FAB in my Nissan Micra!'. At least we're spared the green windscreen banners from the 80's declaring the names of the driver and his new girlfriend. Think Ford Capri.Think Wayne and Tracy. Think tosser.
    Thanks for checking in