Saturday, 18 September 2010


You've got to feel for George Michael... He's crashed another car for the umpteenth time, this time under the influence of a cocktail of cannabis and anti-anxiety prescription medication. The court case judge warned him that despite numerous incidents with crashing cars etc, George had still not taken steps to sort out his drug problem and was therefore a risk to the public. The judge branded him a drug addict and sent him off to Pentonville prison for a month. George was led away sobbing and I daresay has been sobbing ever since..
Pentonville's other residents have allegedly been taunting George their own renditions of 'Freedom' and so George has been put on a wing dedicated for vulnerable prisoners and sex offenders. 
Rumour has it, George has been forced to give hand jobs to other inmates before having to make them their evening hot chocolate drinks. He's currently working on a new single about his time inside called 'W**k me off before your cocoa'. 

Terrible I know, but it made me laugh... 

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