Tuesday, 28 September 2010


It's back next week! Oh yes, the Apprentice is back on our screens next week and I for one, can't wait. The 16 candidates have just been unveiled and this year's line up include a Marine, a surgeon and the usual smattering of investment bankers and PR consultants. Each year, I lick my lips in anticipation that heralds the start of another great series of the Apprentice. Each series, it showcases a group of people, some of whom are simply beyond stupidity. Many start off with outlandish arrogance... 'I'm world-class in sales', 'I won't take any prisoners in my drive and ambition to win', 'I'm going for world domination' and before long they are exposed more suited for 'Do you fries with that?'.  Each year, they come swaggering in with their £3000 business suits, hand stitched Italian shoes for the boys, killer heels for the girls. And very evidently, and almost instantaneously, they get overwhelmed by their own testosterone or egotism and demand to become project leaders and lo and behold, they f*ck it up. And generally, it's not a little f*ck up but it is so spectacular in the extreme, you want to scream at their total and utter f*ckwittedness. And of course, there's Lord Alan Sugar who has been round the block a few times making squillions in the process, who is ready to pounce and go in for the kill in exposing these numbskulls. It's tense, it's voyeuristic and it's extreme, but boy it's great tv. This series sees the introduction of Karen Brady to replace Lord Alan's matronly, but very astute right-hand man, the silver fox Margaret. Dara O'Brian also takes over from Adrian Chiles on the Apprentice You're Fired. 
Casting an experienced and well-honed eye over the new contestants, I'm predicting these two will cause a few eyebrows to be raised...


No it's not Dennis Pennis or one of the tossers from Jedward, but 24 year old Melissa Cohen. An ex-hairdresser, she now works for Tesco and claims she has increased Tesco's share of the kosher market by 75%. Melissa claims 'I generally get people quite scared. I don't know why' I have my suspicions as to why people might think that Melissa, starting with the barnet and some roots that need some major touch up work...

Meet 22 year old Raleigh Addington. Yep, 'fraid so.. he's named after a bike. Time will tell whether he turns out to be a Raleigh Chopper. Raleigh is described as 'bumbling and posh, similar to London Mayor Boris Johnson'. Oh Christ.. he'll get mullered. 


  1. Hi GB,
    Thanks for the link and well said that grandad! Alan Sugar always had that reputation for producing electrical goods of monumental crapness. I'm sure I read somewhere that his finest hour occurred when he stopped produced computers and BSkyB bought him out. He also didn't exactly set the footballing world alight during his reign at my beloved Spurs. For all that, he's pretty damn good on the Apprentice despite at times picking the wrong winners!