Sunday, 26 September 2010


Check out this little 1970 beaut from Pickettywitch. Now, see if you agree that it's sort of wrong on most levels. The girl lead singer looks pretty, cool and timeless. The latest little pop star from last year's X Factor Diana Vickers, looks very similar - it's just a look that transcends the decades. But then move on to her band and that's where your face becomes numb with that mouth aghast 'is this for real?' moment. Watch her male effeminate co-singer who has obviously talked her into participating in a dance routine which is so awful it's laughable. As the song progresses, our man (who looks more suited to working in Greenwoods Gentleman Outfitters than on Top of the Pops) gets very campish and starts getting carried away with his moves. And then every now and again, he swishes his hair from side to side in the style of David Ginola in the L'Oreal hair adverts. The drummer looks like he's been sedated with a date rape drug. The boredom extends to the two guitarists - one looks like a reject from the band Sweet, the other looks embarrassed and no doubt desperately wishing he was playing with Hendrix or Cream rather than strumming away to this horseshit. And if you're really sharp-eyed, when the camera scans the go-go dancing audience, check out Mr Hipswinger with the beard and black top. He reminds me of a nerdy teacher at my high school who wore very tight pants at our school christmas disco and danced like a cross between a dad and a very-in-the-closet vicar. I think he was called Brian which of course he would be wouldn't he? And he had bad breath.

Anyway, I digress. Enjoy the clip. It's so bad, it may give you nightmares. You've been warned....

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