Friday, 17 September 2010

1968 GIRL POWER.......

It's already being billed as this year's surprise blockbuster. British film Made In Dagenham on general release in a fortnight is tipped for the same success as Billy Elliott and the Full Monty achieved. Made In Dagenham is my kind of film - based on a true story of a group of women from Ford's Dagenham plant who went on strike for their jobs as sewing machinists to be graded as 'skilled'. On paper it doesn't sound inspiring, but this was 1968 and the days before equal pay legislation. Women's work and pay was graded way below that of their male counterparts. This film takes on the social injustice of those times and we get a glimpse of how these women took on the fight for equal pay right up to parliament. 

The underdog taking on authority? Sounds like a surefire hit doesn't it? 

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