Monday, 20 September 2010


Eek, any credibility I've managed to accumulate up to now will now go spiralling down the pan when I mention that I absolutely love the re-run of Footballers Wives the CBS Drama channel on Sky. I watched it briefly the first time round when it started in 2002 before it finished a few years back. It always struck me as far fetched and a touch on the trashy side for my previous tastes in drama. Nowadays, stuff the intellectual programmes and give me the trashy Footballers Wives any day. A few years on and it's strange how life replicates art. There are obvious nods in the direction of the the Beckhams, but it's the stories of  footballers paying for hookers, having affairs with team-mates wives, and the shenanigans of agents hushing up tabloid stories that hooks you in. There's stories of footballers going to Spain for golfing 'relaxation' breaks and finding themselves embroiled in rape allegations with girls drafted in privately for the clubs own brand of relaxing entertainment. There's also a footballer who's a bully and control freak who's a bit handy with slapping his round a bit before he schmoozes the VIP clientele at his exclusive nightclub... ring any bells so far? 
I'm sure it's a huge exaggeration of the the lives and wives of footballers, but you tend to think that much of the content actually does goes on. It is true escapism tv and despite being slightly ashamed to admit it, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Zoe Lucker of course, is the star of the show playing an absolute monster as the bitch come nymphomaniac Tanya Turner. Her character gets her kit off at very opportunity and is totally ruthless in her pursuit of men and huge wealth. Ah yes, it's awful stuff but blimey it's fun to watch. 

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