Monday, 16 August 2010


Ok, I've written plenty of blogs about my take on good music and gone all dewy eyed with nostalgia over the greatest albums in my collection. How do you fancy seeing some truly awful album covers? You do? Oh good. Feast your eyes on these little beauties and if you have any of them in your collection, I'd be surprised if you owned up to it....

Great title for an album I think you would agree. Call it a hunch, but I wouldn't trust this quartet with a bunch of choirboys.  

Yeah, baby! I think Gary perhaps needs a little more self-confidence and maybe some help with his body language in order to appeal to the pretty laaadies.  

I'm sure the Castle Family were appearing live on Fleetwood Pier the night it got burned down. Unfortunately, all survived but sustained 1st degree burns to the legs when their lycra trousers caught alight. The arsonist was caught later and was heard to say 'I don't regret a thing, that bunch of permed hair, trombone-playing bastards had it coming'. 

Dave Boyer's music wasn't so bad, but as a bloke... my God, he was two-faced. 

It's just wrong on every level isn't it? Amen

Do gay dogs exist? If they do, Paddy Roberts has obviously spotted a niche market for the type of music they might like. I'm guessing there's some George Michael and Pet Shop Boys tracks on there. 

I don't know about Jesus using you..Released prisoners on parole having been locked up for years and with 15 pints of Stella inside them would wince at the prospect... And forget hairdressers... car sprayers have set those barnets. 

You have to wonder how many requests the red-headed, ginger eyelashed, handlebar-moustached, safari suit wearing Ken actually got? 

More like Priscilla Presley and a shrink-wrapped Elvis. Or maybe it was Tattoo before starring in Fantasy Island. I always thought his acting was a bit wooden...

I've Got Confidence? Somehow I doubt it. What you do have is greasy hair pinned back with horrendous hair slides and no tits to speak of. I call that bad judgement and bad genes. 


  1. FFB - Where the hell did you dig those up from ? you been given a computer at work - and spending your lunches browsing ? or maybe your flicking thru the LP&78 Collections when you clients leave the room maybe ?

  2. Hi Dave,
    Corkers aren't they? Thought you'd appreciate them. Thanks for checking in

  3. Zeitgeist,Trends,Of the Moments Attention Grabbers...Whatever you call them,ideas of one original are copied by the masses. Preaching the Word of God became trendy with a puppet on your lap and a million nuns singing "Dominique" to school children...