Sunday, 1 August 2010


Post pay day usually sees me in HMV casting an eye over CD's to add to my car listening collection. I still love record shops (are they still called that?) and checking out latest releases and looking nostalgically at the albums from my youth.  I'd seen the new Ministry of Sound 80's Groove (Old Skool Funk Soul Classics) advertised on tv, but reading the listing on the back of the CD, soon realised that I already had most of the tracks. I then saw that Earth Wind and Fire had brought out a CD of their greatest hits. When looking through their tracks, you sometimes forget what a superb, yet possibly under-rated band EWF actually were. Possibly with the exception of Ken Bruce on radio 2 who I think is a big fan, EWF tracks rarely get played on the radio. 
Considering EWF had about 56 band members, I can only ever remember the names of the lead singers Maurice White who had a massive forehead and the falsetto Philip Bailey (who sang with Phil Collins on 'Easy Lover'). Unlike today's hip hop's lyrics voicing rape, drug use and gangsta stabbings, EWF glorified the virtues of grooving, boogie on down, and lurrve. And they had some pretty nifty stage outfits too - gold lame and big shoulder pads I seem to remember. And ahh, the memories evoked from remembering the tracks After the Love Has Gone, Boogie Wonderland, September, Got to Get You Into My Life...  

Anyway, EWF and Plan B's The Defamation of Strickland Banks was added to my collection and made a debut on my car cd player at very loud volume. 

And for sheer Sunday morning indulgence, I give you EWF and Let's Groove... horrendous video but dig that groove thang mo-fo's. 

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