Monday, 30 August 2010


The Peter Pan of pop, Cliff Richard reaches the ripe old age of 70 this year. To commenarate he has just released his calendar showing that despite reaching his eighth decade, he still has a body that retains his youthful image. 
Sir Cliff says that the secret of his eternal youth and owning a great body is playing tennis 3 times a week, having 2 glasses of red wine a day and a daily dose of lecithin - that's a supplement derived from soya beans, meat and eggs which apparently prevents the body from forming fat. 

Now I'm no great Cliff fan. His music and performances leave me colder than an Eskimo's testicles during a skinny dip, but even I have to salute Cliff on his longevity and for keeping himself so fit and healthy Ok, I daresay he adds a little L'Oreal to his roots every few weeks. Probably because he thinks he's worth it. I daresay he also has a little nip and tuck he and there and the odd botox has been tried along the way.  

But I think I have the real secret to his great body, good looks and youthful image... Stacks of money and no children. 

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