Sunday, 15 August 2010


If Blackpool FC had taken notice of any of the pre-match talk and media speculation, they wouldn't have bothered to get on the coach bound for Wigan. Instead, they turned up, kicked the arses of Wigan and in true smash and grab daylight robbery tradition, walked away wit ha 4-0 win. Sensational start by Ollie's lads and a big warning goes out not to underestimate the mighty 'Pool. Of course, it's a long season and it's a uphill battle to keep up with the big hitters of the Prem, but who knows? A couple of certainties are that Blackpool have a fighting spirit matching with some of the best and most vocal fans in the Prem. And secondly, Ollie is always good value for money in the post-match interview. He was unusually subdued on MoTD yesterday, but expect more from him as the season progresses.  
As for Wigan. It doesn't bode well for their season or for the manager Roberto Martinez. As good as Blackpool were yesterday, Wigan were woeful. But for now... The future's bright....the future's tangerine.

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