Friday, 6 August 2010


Sorry folks, but here comes another nostalgic blog about a song track. I blame Magic FM for playing music from my youth and the fact that certain tracks evoke such good memories. The first time I heard Womack and Womack's 'Teardrops' was when I was pootling along the East Coast of America in 1988. A mate and I had booked a flight to New York and we spent a few weeks jet setting around Washington DC, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. I love cities and they don't come much better than NY, Washington and Phillie. Pre 9/11, you could actually take helicopter trips around NY and hover around the Twin Towers with a birds eye view of Manhattan from the air. Washington had some of the best museums I've ever been to - the Smithsonian was unforgettable. And Philadelphia was memorable for the Liberty Bell and the most amazing phillie steak sandwiches. And then we pootled around the New England states and managed to come across the town of 'Intercourse'. Memorable name and memorable for the Amish community living there which I found fascinating (if not a little weird). We then headed up to Niagara Falls and took a death defying helicopter ride over the falls which I honestly thought I would never live long enough to see us land safely again. 
Anyway, whilst travelling through the numerous counties and states of our American trip, we listened a lot to the American radio stations, which back then were a little on the junk side (a bit like American tv at the time). The track which seemed to be getting lots of airplay was Teardrops by Womack and Womack. So in Washington DC, a record shop was located and I bought a picture CD copy and still have it as a treasured CD reminder of a great holiday and a classic track. Question is, the blonde backing singer in the video... is it a very young Ellen Degeneres? 

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