Monday, 2 August 2010


What can I say about George Lamb the former controversial BBC 6music DJ, son of actor Larry Lamb, presenter of Big Brother's Little Brother... erm... how's wankwipe for starters? 
I had the unfortunate experience of switching on to Channel 4's BBLB and my flabber was gasted at the presenter George Lamb's total crapness. His image is as contrived as his presenting style. His clothes style must be London chic - suit jacket and waistcoat mixed with bright purple rolled up trousers with hessian shoes with no socks. Think wanky Miami Vice in a studio car park in Hertfordshire. This is topped off by the ubiquitous greasy mop of wild hair and unshaven stubble. So that's George's 'style', and now to his presenting....he doesn't so much talk as sort of shout at the screen in a tone and pitch which makes dogs run around in circles before eventually needing to be shot. His voice is so monotone and so mockney schmockney it is a wonder he ever made it into the echelons of BBC radio. Channel Four seem adept at 'discovering' moronic presenters and showcasing their questionable talent on programmes generally in the T4 genre. Could it be that the C4 talent spotters / producers trawl the Home Counties sixth form media studies students with a questionnaire on the lines of...

1. Are you a pretty boy? 
2. Do you have no discernible talent? 
3. Do you have a funny accent and laugh at your own absurd wit? 
4. Can you ask guests stupid and puerile questions? 
5. Can you work with an equally dull and stupid female presenter? 
6. Is your dad famous?
7. You're in.... 

C4 must have a few bob on their protege because he continues to be rubber stamped for more and more exposure on tv (last time trekking through somewhere hot on a 'journey' with dad Larry Lamb). I have this aching realisation and grudging acceptance that the networks are promoting him for great things ahead on itv2. My goodness, it can only be a matter of time before the big one... the X Factor's little X Factor or whatever it's called. George will no doubt join the club of mediocre 'personalities' with a string of presenting jobs, a talkshow and a few million in the bank. 
Sorry George, yes you are very pretty and score quite highly in the eye candy stakes but I fear your presence on tv has me switching over rather than revelling in your skills and charisma as a tv host. Truly awful..

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