Monday, 12 July 2010


At last it's over. Spain are World Cup champions beating the Dutch in a scrappy final. It's a pity that the Germany v Uraguay game for the third place slot wasn't the final. Both teams went out to win and there were goals a plenty. Last night's over-hyped game was far from pretty and mostly ugly in some of the tackles particularly from the Dutch. 
And so the WC ends for another four years. I can't say it was memorable. I can't think of any great stars that shone or any great teams that emerged. For me it will remembered mainly for the grumpiness of the players. Was it just me or did the players and teams just look unhappy to be there? The tournament simply didn't take off or have the excitement build up through the stages like previous tournaments such as Italia 90 or the Euro 96 games. We saw the Republic Of Ireland get cheated out of a place and the tournament was poorer for it. We saw France implode and Italy capitulate. And England... well, they were just awful. Spain were worthy winners and I'm pleased they won. 
I'm also pleased I spent the evening with mates at Vic's having a chilli special with home-made chocolate mousse. The match was pretty awful to watch but at least the food was excellent! 

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