Friday, 9 July 2010


Today's visit to the hairdressers went well. Well in that my greying hair has been dyed back to mocha brown with golden highlights, I got two cups of coffee and a read through four OK and Hello magazines. I love going to the hairdressers. It's a couple of hours of relaxing and catch up with the latest goss on Katie Price and Alex Reid. Of course nowadays, the colouring process seems to occur more often than I'd like. Only the other night at the pub quiz, my hair was scrutinized by my fellow quizzers with witty reposts such as 'ooh, aren't you grey?', 'have you left those roots in on purpose?'. The bastards. So, I hotfooted it down  to my usual sanctuary and left two hours later and £62 lighter. 
Nowadays, the colouring process is so easy. I sit there whilst my hairdresser sort of weaves a comb through a tress of hair and paints on the colour over a kind of hand-held paddle. It's come a long way since the bleached highlights or 'streaks' of the 1980's. Eee, those were the days. You had a great big rubber cap covered in holes stretched over your head and a crochet hook would pull your hair through whilst you sat there gently sobbing through the pain. And if you were really lucky, the bleach would soak through to your forehead causing a red burnt head which would itch for weeks. And then you'd end up looking like a cross between Wincey Willis and Myra Hindley  with big hair and a cocktail fag and huge shoulder pads for your accessories. 
Good to see hair colouring and products have moved on since the bleach-ridden days of the 1980's. So, it was with a slight surprised look and my eyesbrows raised that I spotted this little ad in one of my hairdressers magazines. Fun Betty (Color for down there) is.. yes you've guessed it... an American product for dyeing your pubic hair. Only the conservative Americans can market a product with the term 'color for down there'. I dread to think of the wording the Swedish or Dutch would use. 'Mocha your muff' or 'tinge your minge' perhaps? 
Anyway, Fun Betty comes in the usual colours of blonde, brunette and black plus hot pink which I'm sure would only appeal to:- 

a) Barbara Cartland 
b) Katie Price aka Jordan 
c) Pink (the singer) 
d) Betty 'Fun' Turpin 
e) Zandra Rhodes
f) Christiano Ronaldo - if the rumours are to be believed.  

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