Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Watching Channel 4's Cutting Edge Series 'Living With Brucie' confirms everything I had thought about  Mr Showbiz. The programme showed a day-to-day glimpse into the 'real' Bruce Forsyth and his wife (ex Miss World) Wilnelia Merced or Winnie for short. It didn't so much capture the real Bruce as Brucie was very careful to script every move and even rehearse speaking to the camera. In his scripted moments, Brucie seemed careful to cultivate the image of the Mr Bruce Forsyth - chivalrous romantic, consummate professional, championship golfer. In his unguarded moments he appeared vain, self-absorbed, tetchy, age and appearance obsessed, a little OCD-ish and a little boorish. His wife comes across as genuinely lovely if not a tad too patient for her own good. She indulges Brucie his foibles but the pay-off appears to be a lack of having to do anything other than look perfectly magnificent at all times for Brucie to admire. Winnie after all has a Miss World and catwalk model reputation to live up to. She met Brucie when she was 21 and he was a twice divorced 53 year old with a dodgy taste in rugs and catchphrases. They must be doing something right because they've remained married 30 years. 
It's like Mrs. Merton once said to Debbie Magee.. 'So Debbie... what was that first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?'. 


  1. Hi Hel, excellent as always !
    The sooner this old goat retires the better-it's like Music Hall; fine once, but times change. Yet the ridiculous Bloated Broadcasting Conmen seem to think we all love these old twats. If any of the following are on my telly it's instantly switched over-
    Brian Conley
    Jonathan Woss
    Faggot Norton
    Wiggy Wogan
    Midget Corbett
    All Golf (to get Peter Allis on the list)
    Match of the Day has-been commentators

    Tossers the lot of 'em !!

    keep up the blogs Hel

  2. Hi and thanks for your comments. Good list of annoying twonks. Also up for consideration?....
    Vernon Kay, any presenters on GMTV, David Dickinson, Eammon Holmes, Katie Price and meathead husband, Davina McCall, James Cordon, Schofield & Willabooby, Keith Lemon, all on Loose Women, all presenters on T4, John Barrowman, any daughters produced by Bob Geldof/Mick Jagger/Richard Madeley,the Hairy Bikers, David Tennant, Mark Ronson. There's probably many, many more....