Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Luxuriating in a long hot steamy bath would never be the same again with this little beauty. This crystal bathtub was carved from a single block of the purest white crystal rock mined from Brazil. It's perhaps not suited for the average semi-detached bathroom as it's seven feet long and two feet deep. And getting up the staircase might be a bit of a problem too. 
Anyway, if you have a few bob spare and fancy a bathroom with a difference from the usual B&Q or Plumb Center specials, then this little beauty will cost you £530,000 from Harrods until the end of July. Blimey, that's about the cost of my ice cream budget for the year. Or a month's salary for Ashley Cole. Or employing 25 nurses for a year. Or give Sarah Ferguson a nice little earner for introducing HRH Prince Andrew to some businessmen. Or keeping Pete Doherty in drugs or Amy Winehouse in alcohol for a week. 
It's a lot of money, but I'd still love one. My ajax or CIF is at the ready....

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