Sunday, 4 July 2010


Those damn Germans go and do it again. England's bogey team went and  did a very impressive demolition job on my tip for the tournament , Argentina. Maradona was inspiring the team to greatness. His enthusiasm and fan-like exuberance on the touchline was a joy to see. Messi, despite not scoring was mesmerising on the ball. We all knew the Argentinians had defensive frailties, but with that attacking line, you always felt they would strike back and score on the break. And then came Germany. Before the tournament, with the exception of Klose, I had struggled with any big names in the squad. Even Jurgen Klinsman in his pre-tournament talks and doubts over their progression given their youth and not so convincing qualifying stages. But wow, have they got better and better or what? I thought their demolition job of Australia was perhaps a one-off against one of the lesser teams in the World Cup. And then they went on to stick four past England and made them look pretty dreadful in the process. If there were any doubts about Germany, they were dispelled last night when they swept aside the glorious Argentina making them look like an ordinary second division team. Their precision, work rate, and finishing is extraordinary. They provide a benchmark for all teams to aspire to in their preparation and all-round excellence. They may not have the flair and swagger of the South American teams but they know how to win and that's what makes them so.... erm.... German!  So, here's my summary on the Germany team's performance at the WC...

Good things:
1. Klose - brilliant goalscorer, 100 caps and going for the overall golden boot
2. Schweinsteiger - instrumental in midfield 
3. Muller - another Muller to scare the life out of defences. Great player
4. Lahm - inspirational young captain.
5. Ozil - probably the find of the tournament. Premier League next season?  
5. Team work - jaw-dropping masterclass in incisive counterattacking football. The total package with a youthful zest combined with a purring ability and tactical discipline. Why oh why can't we play like them? 

Bad things: 
1. Joachim Löw - great manager but very dodgy dress sense and a porn star 1970's haircut
2. Neuer - a dodgy German goalie? I think so. Oliver Kahn will be crying in his gloves. 
3. Why, oh why, oh why are they so GOOD? 

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