Friday, 2 July 2010


Oh happy day... Two weeks off work yippeeeee. No foreign holiday booked this year but plenty of relaxing, day trips and a hopefully a few days away will do just the job to recharge the batteries. I can honestly say, I have never been so brain-tired in all my working life. I've been irritable and a right bloody nightmare at work so a big cheer went up tonight as I left the office. Of course I will do my best to enjoy every single moment of...
- staying up after 10pm
- not having to be up at 7am
- wearing shorts and t shirts almost constantly
- not having to have a cheese sandwich every day
- not having to answer a phone or emails
- not having to do hours and hours of care plans and risk assessments 
- catching up with old friends and go out for a really long pub lunch or shopping
- being off before the school holidays 

So here's for hot sunny weather. Two weeks of peace and quiet when I want it, and rip-roaring socialising when I want that too. Plenty of blogs to follow....

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