Wednesday, 14 July 2010


If you have read any of my blogs, you may have gathered by now that I'm a big fan of music and in particular how it is interpreted by bad dancing. I'm not stating for one minute that I'm a Dame Margot Fonteyn or Beyonce in the dancing stakes. Far from it. I love a good boogie on the dance floor and acquit myself quite well by keeping in rhythm at least. I have a massive appreciation of professional dancers who are often so good, they make it look effortless. Anyone who has had even a smidgen of dance experience will know how hard it is to maintain the fitness, stamina and agility for dancing not to mention having to remember all the choreographed moves. 
It's therefore with much amusement, and a huge dollop of perversity that I watch people hitting the dance floor at family parties or weddings and trawl You Tube for examples of bad dancing. I just love it. 
I found this little beaut of a clip of Nigel Lythgoe (the original Pop Idol judge who famously called Kym Marsh 'fat') who used to be in a dance troup called Young Generation. Anyone from my era will recognise Young Generation as the backing dancers and latterly an act in their own right on 70's shows such as Seaside Special, The Rolf Harris Show, The Cilla Black Show, Lulu etc etc. I don't want to be unkind, but boy, they were mightily crap. Not quite as crap as Pans People, but still pretty crap.
This clip just beggers belief. Nigel is playing the lead dancer and provides an early inspiration for Mike Myers as Austin Powers. And if Nigel isn't bad enough, check out the blond, long haired dancer mainly at the forefront next to the nodding lead dancer. He's generally off-time, forgets his routine, forgets his lines and just gets in the way. I'm guessing he's the son of a BBC producer who got a summer job in Young Generation in his gap year. He probably grew up to be Michael Grade. Or Craig Revel-Horwood. 

And check out the song lyrics 'He's the one, he's the one, the one they call....Nigel'. Enjoy the camp awfulness of the routine.

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