Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I met up with some mates last night for the local pub quiz night. Tuesday's are also grill night in my local so a steak and drink for £5.99 usually brings in the punters who stay on for the quiz. Fed and amply watered on an 8oz rump steak and with pens at the ready, it was eyes down and we were off. My mates and I have quite a good knowledge base. My younger mates have new music / cinema / entertainment pretty well covered. I'm just an old bugger who reads boring stuff on history and politics. We also have sport pretty well covered so it's with much enthusiasm we start the quiz with that heady expectation that we'll win some money somewhere. All was going well until the connections round when you need to get 4 answers and solve the connection between the four answers. Last night's questions stumped us yet again:- 
1. Who was the British PM in 1967 when the pound was devalued?       Harold Wilson
2. Which actor played the lead role in the 1970's film Mean Streets? 
    Burt Reynolds (we put Steve McQueen) 
3. Which British athlete won gold in the triple jump event? 
    Jonathan Edwards
4. Which Big Brother contestant thought Saddam Hussain was a boxer?
    Jade Goody 

Getting one of the answers wrong obviously didn't help our cause but the best we could come up for the connection between all four was (brace yourselves...)
They all had a lesbian mother with a withered arm. 

Shameful, I know. The correct answer was the surnames were all great train robbers from the 1960's. Of course it was, bloody obvious really. 
We trundled on through the various rounds and many rounds later came a credible fifth. A good night was had by all. 

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  1. Helen-
    You obviously forgot that essential piece of equipment now so well needed for quiz nights- an I phone. Just Google the answers ( like everybody else does ).