Saturday, 3 July 2010


Still smarting over England's awful performance at the World Cup, my mood got considerably worse when Fabio Capello claimed that the reason England were unceremoniously dumped out of the WC was that the players were tired. 
It's always been the complaint of many an England manager that our footballers play too many games in the domestic English Premier League season which includes two domestic cups. 
However, looking at the stats of the actual games played between the 22 players of the Germany and England sides playing at Bloemfontein found,  shock of horrors, the German starting XI had played more matches. 
Some would argue that the Germans have a mid-winter break in the Bundesliga and arguably, the English Premier League is faster and more intense. 

But here's my theory:- 

a) If the England players spent a bit less time womanising or endorsing products, the pampered princes might have a better chance of not being too tired over 90 minutes 'work' a week. 
b) Note to Fabio; please don't use tiredness as an excuse when people from the Armed Services or nurses and doctors are present, because they will probably be able to tell you a little more on what real tiredness feels like. They might also tell you a good tale about living on £20,000 a year. 
c) There are no excuses... England are just crap. 

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