Sunday, 28 November 2010


The UK may be gripped by snow, ice and -10 temperatures, but it was sizzling hot at Old Trafford yesterday when the mighty reds trounced Blackburn 7-1. The headline grabber in today's papers belongs to Dimitar Berbatov who grabbed five of the goals. Yes FIVE. 
Berbatov is one of those players that can either be a stranger on the pitch and can sometimes be so out of sorts, he barely contributes. Then there's the brilliant side of him which we saw yesterday. He's capable of sublime goals and he's a master of his craft. Perhaps one of the most gratifying sights was the excellent partnership with Rooney who set up most of the goals despite not scoting himself, and the contribution made by Nani. And then Valencia needs to return from injury and United's firepower will be difficult to contain. Manchester United go top of the Premiership and remain unbeaten in 29 games. Title winners? Yeah, I think so. 
And over at Bolton Wanderers, the mighty Blackpool managed a 2-2 draw which again is a tremendous result against a team currently in great form and playing at home. The Seasiders continue to confound their critics and are managing some consistently good football whilst bagging their fair share of goals. 

Christmas just came early for this footy fan...


  1. IT Seems d-Day has arrived FFB you declined to say some time ago if you would support your home team or your team of choice Man U if they ever met - well roll up roll up place your bets for next Saturdays match - and who will u be supporting hmm ?

    Speak up now :)

  2. Tough, really tough choice.My head says United because I want them to win the Prem and they seem to be hitting stupendous form at the moment. My heart however wants Blackpool to win, so I will be happy for the Seasiders to get a dream win. My actual forecast though is a 1-1 draw. There, you pinned me down at last, now let that be the end of it ok?
    FFB x