Saturday, 27 November 2010


Busy and fun-filled day ahead. My godson is arriving later and the two of us are off to the pictures to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now let me categorically say right here and now.. I bloody hate Harry Potter. I've taken him to the other HP films and I can't understand any of them. Try as I might, I can't seem to get past there seems to be no discernible plot, plenty of bad people, hairy people, flying schoolkids on broomsticks, weird names and waving wands. It's just beyond me. Still, I love my godson very much and so I put my boredom aside and enjoy instead spending an afternoon with a popcorn guzzling, chatterbox of a godson. And I love every minute of it. Afterwards, I tend to treat him to a meal out somewhere and it's nice quality time. 
There's also a good evening of tv to look forward to with the weekend favourites of Strictly, X Factor, I'm a Celeb and Match of the Day. Big North West Derby's for my teams today.. Blackpool take on Bolton and Man Utd play Blackburn Rovers. And then there's the overnight Ashes series which has caused me a few late nights this week. England have got off to a slow start against Australia and time will time if we manage to kick their arses in their own backyard. 
So in the meantime, I will gird my loins in the heady prospect of going to see a bunch of pre-pubescent millionaires casting spells. Now where did I leave my iPod? 


  1. The thought of you girding your loins leaves me temporarily distracted and dumbfounded, FFB. I've never got into the whole Harry Potter thing myself. What a kind godmother you are! I'd call you a Fairy Godmother, but "Fairy" doesn't quite seem like the right word for you.

  2. Apologies if that phrase sent you a bit off kilter GB. I girded my loins sufficiently enough to actually get through through the film with only a momentary snooze. My godson kept me amused in the car journey home with his repertoire of dirty jokes and trump noises blown onto his forearm. Yes, you're right.. the word 'fairy' doesn't quite fit with me. It has rather different connotations in England - check out John Inman in 'Are You Being Served' for further details...