Monday, 22 November 2010


This year's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here just gets better and better. Our jungle Z listers have been there a week and already Gillian McKeith has emerged as the one everyone loves to hate. Gillian you may remember, used to be Dr Gillian McKeith who hosted 'You Are What You Eat'. She has been off the wavelengths for a couple of years now since her 'doctor of nutritionalism' qualifications were questioned and found to be a little on the fabricated side. Tut tut Gillian. She was perhaps a little naive if she thought she'd get away with going over to America, claiming to go to a bogus university and pay for some quack qualifications. Gillian was defrocked (or whatever you do to bogus nutritionists) but not before she had inflicted her odious presenting techniques on the British nation. Gillian's modus operandi was to target very fat people, humiliate them on tv, then.. wait for it.. ask them to provide a stool sample whereby she's scrutinise it for the delectation of the channel 4 audience before exclaiming 'you see, you see. Eat hamburgers and chips and you get sloppy discoloured poo you fat bastard'. Or something on those lines...
Gillian obviously needs some publicity and a few shekels in her bank because she's joined IACGMOOH and yet from day 1, has been causing mayhem. She screams at everything. She's scared of EVERYTHING including bugs, flies, camp smoke, water, leaves....She has moaned, cried, been carried off the set in floods of tears and tonight we were subjected to Gillian's 'faint' whilst being asked to do yet another bushtucker trial. The more Gillian cries and becomes hysterical, the more the viewing audience vote for her to complete the next trial. Gillian becomes hysterical, she has oxygen provided, the bushtucker trial has to be abandoned, so the other jungle campers receive no food. There's been 6 trials now where Gillian has failed miserably and the campers have become increasingly irritable with her antics compounded by their increasing hunger. 
And this year's Oscar for the best faint sequence to get out of doing a trial...
Doctor Gillian McKeith, sorry make that Gillian McKeith. 

Makes me embarrassed to be the same sex as this attention-seeking, money grabbing complete waste of space. Great TV though....



  1. Hi there,
    I've really tried not to be too cynical with the whole 'I'm a Z list celebrity, get me out of here'. However watching Gillian, 'who is she?', 'faint' on cue, on the show, I've discovered my cynicism has gone into overdrive:-)
    It does make for interesting 'car crash' television, though. It has got me wanting to listen to my 'Happy Mondays', CDs...WTF!
    Have a peaceful evening. I'm a modest blogger, get me out of here. lol

  2. Hi Klahanie and thanks for checking in.
    Car crash tv indeed and Gillian's abject failure to stop being hysterical is simply compulsive if not uncomfortable viewing. I'm guessing she was a very spoilt child because her need to be indulged by everyone around her is staggering. I'm guessing that the show's participation is voluntary and not mandatory? Gillian would let us believe that she's been press-ganged into it under duress...
    Shaun Ryder to win - no nonsense Northern bloke with capped teeth.. marvellous!

  3. Hi there,
    You would reckon these so-called 'celebrities' would be fully aware of what they were letting themselves in for. Then again, a bit of publicity to feed the ego. I guess.
    And Shaun is the man! Have a peaceful day.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)