Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Big news today is the announcement of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. There's been a media explosion in the UK today culminating in the couple's first tv interview aired this evening. What was evident from the interview is a strikingly good looking couple, very much in love and a very 'normal' and grounded twosome. It was very much in contrast to the tv interview many years before of the engagement of William's parents. They talked candidly of their courtship and their intentions for the future and I'd imagine they've won over many sceptics of the circus that is the English Royal Family. I for one wish them well and hope they have many happy years together. William and Harry seem to be great lads and I'm sure their mum would be very proud of them both. I think she'd also approve of Miss Middleton. The British press certainly seem to... 


  1. oh no no no - months of mind numbing drivel from the chosen privileged ones, and the overpaid - overhyped hangers on - probably divorced in a couple of years to boot.


  2. Hi and thanks for checking in.
    I agree that there'll be plenty of coverage between now and the wedding next year where every detail of Kate's clothing and hairstyle will be scrutinised to the nth degree. Looking through various news blogs and comments following today's announcement, I don't think you're alone in your viewpoint of the nuptials. Call me a softie, but I just love a good wedding and I can't help thinking that these two look genuinely very happy together. Rule Britannia!

  3. Excellent !
    A day off work for the wedding, and another one one for the funeral when she's bumped off in a tunnel in Paris for sh*gging a rag head. Get rid of of the bloody lot of 'em,

  4. Prince Harry is said to be devastated that he's not received an invite to the wedding.

    Apparently it's a family only event.

  5. Kate Middleton: The first person to squeeze into Diana's ring since Dodi Al Fayed.

  6. This marriage is a car crash waiting to happen...