Sunday, 13 June 2010


With expectations high, the nation watching, the hype and lead up to this game... we were always going to be disappointed weren't we? England as usual didn't let us down in playing their usual nervous and lacklustre game playing the saarc-cuur minnows, the USA. We started well with Gerrard stepping up to the mark in the captain's role and scoring a little beauty in the first 5 minutes. After that, USA just seemed to stifle England's play and we allowed them to do it. And then, the inevitable happened, an inoccuous shot which goalie Robert Green failed to catch and skidded off into the back of the net. It gets worse each time you see it. 
And so to the players. Did Capello pick the right team? Some played badly it has to be said. Rooney gave the ball away too many times. Lampard was quiet and did very little to impose himself on the game. Lennon huffed and puffed but made little impact. And please don't get me started on Heskey. Rooney says he loves playing alongside Heskey as he's a good team player. Sorry Wayne, that may be the case, but we need someone he sticks the ball in the net on a pretty regular basis. Heskey just fails to deliver. Capello left him on before Crouch tried to make an impact with only 12 minutes to go. And why play Milner only to replace him with Wright-Phillips? Ledley King taken off to be replaced by Carragher looked worrying. Carragher looked knackered and was out run. 
Hard to pick out the positives really. I suppose we didn't lose and we have two 'easier' games to go. Very disappointing night though and we are going to have to do better. 

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