Friday, 11 June 2010


At last, at last it's here. The World Cup from South Africa kicks off today with the hosts drawing 1-1 with Mexico. France play Uruguay tonight and as I'm blogging, it's an uninspiring and cautious 0-0 at half time. I'm hoping Forlan sticks his hand out and grabs a late winner for Uruguay. Will serve the cheating French right. 
And then there's the BIG one tomorrow night. The mighty England take on USA who play 'sarc-uur'. Good win for us and we'll be up and running in one of the easiest groups. 
Except for Rio Ferdinand, we've stayed relatively injury free so far. We are looking good on paper and we just have to go out and play the football the players and the team are capable of. Ledley King looks like a more than capable replacement for Rio and I hope he'll have a storming tournament. Wayne Rooney is also capable of having the tournament of his life. Every World Cup throws up a star who forges their name into tournament folklore. Rooney can do it with his passion and skill. Only Messi, Torres or possibly Kaka or Ronaldo can challenge his quest for the golden boot or for the goal of the tournament. One thing for sure, it sure as Hell won't be Emile Heskey. As for myself and the millions of England supporters, I'll be holding my breath that he doesn't break any body parts or tells the ref to 'f*ck off you f*ckin b*stard' whilst heading off to the changing rooms for an early shower.  I'm also praying my £10 bet for England to win the World Cup at 14-1. You can but dream....


  1. I hope England do well - I really do but I can't help thinking that, in a couple of weeks time, there are going to be lot of very disappointed England fans when the England team arrive home having failed to deliver yet again and the hopes of the nation are dashed for another 4 years! (Hope I'm proved wrong).

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Well as SuBo once warbled 'I dreamed a dream' so you never know...
    I still think Argentina are the ones to watch even though the bookies are going for Brazil or Spain. England have a great chance with the weather being cool, the players within the team, great support and a really good coach. God willing if we actually do win it, it will kill me to see a Liverpool player holding up the World Cup, but I will try and get over that for the sake of national pride (and the fact he's only the capt by default).

  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Very poor performance but, sadly, as I expected. Can't bear to sit through the post mortem so will now find something else to watch.

  4. England....strip by Umbro, boots by Nike, keepers gloves by Lurpak LMAO

  5. I'm thinking of changing nationality.

    Chow Mein Butty