Saturday, 5 June 2010


Just watching the finals of Britain's Got Talent and the young lad playing the drums has just wowed the audience. He drummed to Wipeout on a floating hydraulic platform and was pretty sensational. Drums for me are always one of the sexiest of instruments and when played well, are the heartbeat of the band making a good band sound fantastic. The drums gives the soul and beat to music and along with the bass guitar, they supply the rhythm singled out when strutting your booty on the dance floor. So good luck Keiran. If he doesn't win tonight's BGT final, I hope he gets himself in a great band to showcase his talent. Of course, he'll have to go some way to catch up to the talent of the greatest drummer of all time - Animal from the Muppet Show. Awesome skills and unblinking scary eyes made him a legend on his own drum kit. These guys weren't bad either....

John Bonham 
Keith Moon 
Stewart Copeland 
Ginger Baker 
Mitch Mitchell 
Buddy Rich

Have I missed any? 


  1. How about:

    Phil Collins (Genesis)
    Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac)
    Roger Taylor (Queen)
    Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)
    Rick Allen (one-armed drummer from Def Leppard)
    Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters)
    Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees)

    I won't include Ringo Starr - who "wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles"

    ..... and I agree that Kieren Gaffney deserves great things. He seems a lovely lad with great enthusiasm for his chosen instrument. I wish him well and hope he makes it.

  2. Sorry - previous comment was from me but couldn't work out how to identifey myself from the profiles on offer - I'm not Google account, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, OpenID, Name/Url so I had to go for anonymous!!!! (Sarah). I'm new to this so any tips appreciated!

  3. Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for checking in and for great comments. To identify yourself, I'm assuming you log in under your follower login / passwd and it will automatically show your name??
    Yep, good drummer suggestions. Phil Collins was memorable for the 'In the Air Tonight' drum 'riff' immortalized by the Cadbury's gorilla. Roger Taylor (for me) was probably to best out of the bunch and little easy on the eye to boot! Not sure about KC.. Great singer but can't imagine her gracing the same list as Bonham or Moon but a good talking point all the same.

  4. Yes - Karen Carpenter was included somewhat tongue in cheek but I was determined to get a female in there somewhere!

  5. Actually there aren't many female drummers are there? I'm assuming boobs are a bit of a hindrance not that Karen Carpenter had that problem. Plus most girls perhaps wouldn't fancy having arms like Popeye. The only girl drummers I can think of are Meg White from the White Stripes, Moe Tucker from Velvet Underground and the lady from the Bangles (?). Actually, not too many female guitarists spring to mind either.
    FFB x