Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I briefly watched GMTV this morning  which is never an easy undertaking especially when dumb and dumber Andrew Castle and Kate Garraway are the presenters. During the GMTV advert breaks, I've noticed that new albums are promoted generally by musicians and singers who need all the help they can get. 
This morning's advert I spotted was for the 'only album you need to buy this summer', and 'the 'best cd from this summer' from Alan Pownall. Yeah, I know, I'd never heard of him either. The video accompanying his droning voice was of Alan on the beach scowling surrounding by blonde lovelies dancing around his piano. Anyway, if you want an album of dirge, sung by a scowling young man deep in thought, with a name more akin to the signwriting on a white transit van for a heating engineer, go and buy it now at Asda for £8.98. I think I'll stick to Shaheen's new album - you know... the Welsh lad who came 7th in last year's Britain's Got Talent. No, still can't remember? He sang Valerie, until Simon intervened and told him to sing something more soulful. Gasps from the audience and my God, what is Simon doing, then Shaheen belts out a Smokey Robinson track he had in reserve and brings the house down. How the hell does Simon do it we ask? A more contrived moment in BGT would be harder to find. Simon, the self-proclaimed expert of talent then voted for a dance troupe in the next round in favour of Shaheen before the other dumb and dumber Amanda and Piers saved him. And this year, guess what? Shaheen is signed to Simon Cowell's Syco record label and cue the adverts for his new album during GMTV advert breaks. Cynical? Oh yes...

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