Sunday, 13 February 2011

OH MY GOD.....

Ok. Enough serious stuff about films and wonder goals from Wayne Rooney. It's Sunday night and I have work tomorrow. Dancing on Ice is on tv and I'm close to sticking my right foot through the tv screen. There's only so much Kerry Katona and Chloe Madeley a girl can take. So here's a blog of sheer indulgence and get the Tena Lady's ready for little gem. Now I remember this band from the late 70's and I can instantly recall even as a young music fan, wanting to load a pump action rifle and shoot at the lead singer. Not kill him of course, just dispel a volley of sufficient bullets around his feet enough to send him off the nearest pier into shark infested water. You just cannot watch this video without laughing. The song is ludicrous, the band are ludicrous, but the Grade A arse of the piece has to be the lead singer. He tries just a tad too hardtry and you might, it's difficult to take this tosser seriously. You can imagine his mum wiping a tear away and glowing with pride whilst watching this. You can also imagine his dad thinking 'what a bloody big girl's blouse'. I don't know the lead singer's name, but I imagine it's something like 'Nigel' or 'Colin'. 
Ladies and gents... I give you the very forgettable Racey and 'Some Girls'. Particular noteworthy video moments - limp wristed singer, studio extras desperately trying to shove balloons towards his face, horrendous dance routine with 6ft 4" transvestite and a surplus wind machine misguidedly put on 'high' setting. 
Work it son, work it....Eyes and teeth....


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