Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I can't blog about the late great John Barry without passing up the opportunity to include probably the greatest tv theme of all time - The Persuaders. Always on the look out for further opportunities to exploit new blog material, here's my take on some of the other greatest tv themes ever...
The Beverley Hillbillies
The Addams Family 
The Monkees
The Protectors 
The Odd Couple
Pink Panther
Steptoe and Son
Mission Impossible
World at War
The Onedin Line
The New Avengers
The Professionals 
The Rockford Files
Hill Street Blues
Magnum PI 
Van Der Valk 
The Sweeney 
The Southbank Show
Big Brother 

And just for Emma and Simon - here's the requested additions to the Greatest TV Themes of all Time (not that I have ever heard of any of them but looked them up on You Tube for research purposes and I'm stunned. My eyebrows should resume their normal position by Thursday next week)...

Raggydolls (I'm embarrassed)
Jonny Briggs (a sliding trombone ensemble of utter hideousness. I'm embarrassed)
Simon and The Witch (Oh Lordy. The phrase scraping the barrel has never been more appropriate)


  1. Helen-
    what about the following;
    Miami Vice
    Mr. Ed
    original Avengers
    to name but 3 !
    p.s nice blog regarding Bezza, much appreciated.

  2. All good choices Dave. Miami Vice probably the pick of the crop - very eighties.
    Glad the B blog was ok. Wanted to write a nice tribute to her x