Sunday, 6 February 2011


Ladies who lunch were out in force today when my mum and I hit the shops for a little retail therapy. We've not exactly seen eye to eye of late and I've been in for a few tellings off, which despite me not being a teenager any longer, I still take very seriously when I'm in for the high jump (so to speak). Mum and I very, very rarely have our differences as we have an uncannily similar outlook in life, but thankfully we put all that aside and we headed off for the day. The day got off to a good start when we managed to park easily and not have to do a 14 mile hike to M&S especially in today's gales and rain. We lunched in our local Marks and Spencer's which was lovely and quiet for once. A cup of coffee later and we were giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. A quick swish around the lingerie department and some big tuts and eyes rolling from my mum at the garish red and black bra and knicker combos cashing in for the forthcoming St Valentines day. Have to agree with her on that one. We then did our usual tour of TK Maxx, Boots, River Island and Wallis. I glanced longingly across at Waterstones book shop, which when I shop on my own, will usually see me in there for at least an hour at a time. We stopped off for a mid-break Costa espresso and surprise surprise, no tantrum from yours truly for crap service or tables full of used crockery. We were served by a young girl who was very pleasant and quick and we had a nice table which was mercifully clean. And just to complete the perfect picture of happiness in Costa Coffee, there wasn't a pram or screaming toddler in sight. Not one. Are you having that? Just a few tables of middle-aged ladies and young couples happily chatting away and enjoying their coffee. With bulging bags and stretched arms, we saw a 20% sale in TJ Hughes and with a look exchanged between us that spoke volumes in the 'well, why the Hell not?' kind of way, my mum treated me to a bottle of my fave Calvin Klein perfume which just about sealed the day. Mothers and daughters rule ok! 


  1. Calvin Klein perfume ! u told me that was pledge u were wearing the other day tsk tsk

  2. Eau de 28 (year old) I think you'll find Dave the Rave. Or possibly Eau de Cappuccino as I drink so much of the stuff but definitely not Pledge.