Monday, 25 October 2010


I'm still haunted after watching Wagner's 'performance' on this week's X Factor. Wagner is a personable bloke, it's just he looks like an early 1970's porn star and doesn't so much sing, as speak very loudly into the microphone in his Brazilian accent. This week, his mentor Louis Walsh had Wagner 'singing' Spice Up Your Life mixed with Livin' the Vida Loca whilst sharing the stage with numerous female Brazilian calypso dancers who took their tops off. Louis Walsh reminds us almost constantly that he's a successful and credible music man -  a manager of credible bands such as erm.. Boyzone and Westlife. I tell you what he's famous for... picking 'speciality acts' that are so awful (see Jedward for further proof), he bombards our screens with them under the premise of 'they're fun, they're different'. No Louis, they're crap. Totally crap. Wagner of course, stayed on the programme last night despite being so appallingly awful, and a young lad with a delightful, soulful voice got booted off. Funny that he was also under Louis' mentorship and was given a song which was as dreadful as his silver zoot suit. 
It remains to say, just who the friggin hell is voting for Wagner? It can't only be the criminally and mentally insane can it? And then I saw this clip on You Tube and didn't realise that Wagner appealed to no other than Stephen Fry. Very tongue in cheek, but it made me laugh. Unlike Wagner, who inspires the nausea and tourette's in me...


  1. OH LAWDY!! he'd probably do well in Las Vegas. I can't believe how painful that was to watch...blech

  2. Hi MartyrMom. Great to hear from you and thank you for checking in and commenting!
    My guess is Wagner would probably be assassinated in Las Vegas as an example to others. If you're a glutton for punishment and also want to share in the haunting experience of seeing this singing buffoon / 70's porn star perform on last Saturday's X Factor show, then check out my next blog. I dare you to watch it without cringing. Enjoy...