Sunday, 10 October 2010


Today was special for many reasons.. firstly the date is 10/10/10 and many predicted that the date would cause a binary code overload crashing billions of worldwide computer systems. A bit like the millennium bug eh? Fingers crossed the 10/10/10 overload screwed up the computer system at my bank and has credited my account with a much needed £100,000,000. Anyway, back to reality and waking up on a Sunday morning to sunshine and warmth is enough to make even Victor Meldrew jump for joy. Breakfast out on my patio, surveying my estate and sitting back with a Sunday paper and quaffing orange juice and muffins. October? You've got to be kidding! 
This afternoon took me pootling off to the sticks to see one of my oldest friends and her two young boys. We went to a country pub for a simply sensational Sunday lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. We were sat there chatting to the boys and they were telling me about their mum cooking a crispy duck last night and them all having a 'picnic' whilst watching the X Factor. The six year old is chattering away and suddenly out of nowhere asks me very earnestly whether ducks have a penis. The diners in close proximity all dropped their cutlery and you could just about make out a Colonel Mustard type on the next table ask his fellow diners 'Marjorie, what did that young man just say?'. As his mum remonstrated with his loudness and inappropriate questioning during Sunday lunch, I did the only thing that a responsible and mature auntie should do... I lifted the menu to obscure my face and laughed like a drain. The telling off then started the six year old to burst into tears and after a couple of minutes he was able to say he was very sorry.  I absolutely love little boys - they're so funny and honest. After lunch and my car hosted showboating burps from the boys to try and outdo each other and reached the climax when words were mixed with the burps such as 'RAAAAAAAAA-LPH'. Much hilarity and a million questions that only boys can ask.. 'Have you got the x-Box Fifa 11?', 'Can you blow a bubble this big with hubba-bubba?', we then headed off for nearby Garstang and a walk with the dog down by the river. We stopped on a bridge over the river and the boys asked me about rats, what was the chance of breaking your spine if you jumped off the bridge, and hung on my every word as I told them about the old ruin castle just off in the distance. Of course the story was embellished with tales of torture in the dungeons and witches at nearby Pendle Hill for which two little boys were wide-eyed and listening eagerly for every gory detail whilst my pal was smiling and shaking her head. Great afternoon in the sunshine with a great mate and two of my favourite little fellas who I love dearly and make me laugh more than they'll ever know...


  1. Lovely anecdote! I believe the answer is "yes", which is rather unusual for birds. This blog needs more readers.

  2. I thought they did so due to not having a life, I checked out some nature website and looked up duck penises (not literally of course, that would have been too weird). I can't believe how hot topics of the day like duck penises and my snotty nose don't attract more readers either! Thanks again for your comments which are always very welcome.