Friday, 8 October 2010


The top 20 earners in football has been revealed this week. In the same week, the government has targeted public sector workers for a particular hammering on their pensions and salaries. So, for all the nurses, police officers, fire officers, council staff etc etc.... this new list will I'm sure gladden your tired and weary hearts right up until your extended retirement age.. Look away now if you're of a nervous disposition or feel bile rising to your mouth:- 

Football players:

David Beckham    LA Galaxy           £100m
Michael Owen      Man Utd             £40m 
Rio Ferdinand      Man Utd             £34m
Sol Campbell       Newcastle Utd    £31m 
Ryan Giggs         Man Utd             £27m
Wayne Rooney    Man Utd             £25m 
Steven Gerrard    Liverpool            £22m 
Frank Lampard    Chelsea              £22m 
John Terry          Chelsea              £19m
Patrick Viera       Man City             £18m
Didier Drogba      Chelsea             £18m
Paul Scholes       Man Utd             £16m 
Fernando Torres   Liverpool           £14m 
Pter Cech            Chelsea            £14m 
Nicolas Anelka     Chelsea            £14m 
Joe Cole              Liverpool          £14m 
Gary Neville         Man Utd           £14m 
Michael Essien     Chelsea            £13m
Emile Heskey       Aston Villa        £13m
Damian Duff         Fulham            £13m 

Now, I'm a big sports fan and I really love the beautiful game. Sadly, my love affair with football is dwindling by the minute when I think about young men earning these staggering amounts of money for essentially kicking a ball up and down a pitch for 90 minutes a week. And I will NEVER, EVER understand how Emile Heskey has accumulated £13 million. It makes you want to weep doesn't it? 


  1. The solution, Helen, is simple- stop going to the match. No crowds equals no TV equals no Sky equals no daft salaries. Unfortunately this will never happen as the sheep that go to watch their "beloved" team, buy the programme, fork out for the replica shirt etc. are too dumb to realise this.
    Same for X- factor; don't moan about it, just don't vote !

  2. Thanks for your comments. Sport in general has lost some of its appeal lately, not only with the ludicrous sums of money involved, but with the corruption and match fixing that appears to be around so much.
    And as for the X Factor, there is only ever one winner isn't there? And he's a 5' 3" cuban heel wearing dwarf who has the misguided belief that we assume he's tall and actually cares about unearthing 'talent'. Pah!