Thursday, 7 October 2010


Bejeepers.. I suppose it had to come sooner or later after months of enjoying good health. Alas, the common cold and hawking chest has reached Fishfingerbutty Towers and life for the past few days has been particularly crap. Previous blogs have hinted at my supreme greatness at being the world's worst ill person. I'm insufferable when a cold launches itself at my sinuses. There's been no stoical acceptance of my plight here this week. Far from it. At work, I've been on a witch hunt to find the donor of this virus and haunt them by whining constantly and blowing my nose through important phone calls. My nose has taken on the appearance of Peter Schmeichel keeping goal at the Stretford End during a sub-zero snowstorm. I'm coughing like a hardened smoker on an 80 a day Capstan Full Strength habit. I'm getting no sleep so alongside the Comic Relief nose, I've also acquired a legendary bitch-fiend from Hell irritability which I excel in at the whiff of a cold. So, all my friends have deserted me and have promised to get back in touch in 4-5 days when my nostrils have chapped over and I'm sleeping better. In the meantime I've vowed not to work so hard, secrete a hot bottle about my person, buy shares in Kleenex and try to be a nicer and more tolerant person. I shall also will myself better for my forthcoming week off and vow to stop being such a mard arse.  

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