Sunday, 24 October 2010


KT Tunstall's supremo performance the other night got me thinking about another of my all-time favourite gigs. Some time ago, I saw the very diminutive Jamie Cullum in concert, again in a small venue in Manchester. No tricks, no stage dancers, no pyrotechnic staging.. just this little chap at the piano with his band singing jazz. Utterly stunning musically and he has such an infectious stage presence which pulls you in to his music. And then, he will sing an old classic like 'But For Now' and which will reduce you to tears because it is so stunningly performed whilst you can't hear a pin drop in the place. And to all height deficient blokes out there... singing and playing a piano this well is very, very sexy and you never know, it may also help you bag a supermodel. It worked for Jamie. But for now, here's the track that brought him to everyone's attention...


  1. someone mentioned that he sounded like billy joel.....he does...I love his voice..sweet!

  2. Hi MM.
    Yes indeed, his voice is very similar. I also love Billy Joel - anyone who can write Always a Woman To Me and Just The Way You Are is absolutely fine by me. I always thought he lost the plot a bit when he did Uptown Girl - probably a bit love struck after bagging a beauty in Christie Brinkley!