Sunday, 3 October 2010


 Hey fellas.. Tired of looking in the mirror and sighing at the sight of impending middle age, an expanding waistline and the same old greying and baggy Y fronts staring back at you? Well, it seems Marks and Spencer might have the answer. M&S have always produced underwear of the highest quality and are quick to pounce on a niche in the market. They've produced a new range of control pants for men. Yes, MEN. The 'manties' are designed to lift and firm men's bottoms and this is the best bit.. allow less well-endowed men to beef up their bulge.  
The £15 Bodymax range go on sale this month to keep men in the loop with their female counterparts, the bestselling 'Bridget Jones' style control pants. The Bodymax pants reputedly raise men's bottoms by 20%. The 'frontal enhancement' pants have a 'unique integral shelf' that bumps up the lunchbox by a huge 38%. And then there's the Bodymax vest which tucks in moobs and beer bellies. 

I suppose it had to come. True equality means men have the same insecurities to body shape as women. They have equal access to moisturisers, skin care products, cosmetic surgery, body waxing and manicures as we ladies. I can't help but thinking though, that the reason I like men is that they're NOT women. I quite like the differences between the sexes. Nothing wrong with a bloke being healthy, well dressed and clean - but manties? Nooooooo. 
So to all the males who read this blog...resist being demasculinised (not sure if that's a word?), resist being an emotional and sensitive metrosexual-type, and be proud to be a man warts 'n all. And please, resist all temptation to buy Bodymax manties to lift your bottom or increase the size of your package. It's not big and it's not clever.....


  1. Quite right, FFB. Those waddling sissies would be crocodile fodder in my part of the world.

  2. Thanks GB. Crocodile fodder indeed or perhaps they'd appeal to some businessman with a Stringfellows VIP membership card and a penchant for pulling young blonde wannabees. Still unsure about the word demasculinised. I looked up emasculated instead.. (adj. (of male animal) having the testicles removed. "a cut horse"). Somehow, that didn't seem to fit in the context of Bodymax boy knickers. Thanks for checking in

  3. How about "sissyfied", from the verb "to sissify"?