Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Virtuoso performance last night at the Nou Camp. Barcelona beat Arsenal 4-1 and it wasn't just a bad defeat, it was a different class. 

The difference between the sides was the little man himself... Lionel Messi. Rarely a player comes along who is so utterly brilliant and so utterly captivating to watch. Lionel Messi joins the list of great players like Maradona, Pele, Best, Cruyff in that he is simply awesome. To play so well and get all four goals at the highest level is no mean feat. He plays with a schoolboy enthusiasm, with skill and trickery and with sublime technique. 

Arsenal were roundly beaten last night by Barcelona and in particular Lionel Messi. Is he the best player in the world? It grieves me slightly, but yes, I think he probably is despite the fact Rooney heads the ball and Messi can't jump that high. 

Over to United tonight hosting Bayern Munich without Rooney and 2-1 down....

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