Saturday, 10 April 2010


It's unusual territory this evening as it's Saturday night and I'm staying in. Not a big fan of staying in on Saturday night, but a relaxing night beckoned after another busy week at work. 

The evening started well with a home cooked fish pie. This morning saw me queuing in the local fish shop by Fleetwood docks. It's a little hardcore inside with lobster and crabs in tanks looking a bit sheepish and pointing their pincers at the runt of the litter whilst mouthing 'pick him, not me'. The fishladies working behind the counter are a little scary too.. White wellies, fish gut aprons, tattoos and I observed they were a touch handy with very sharp knives. You wouldn't cross them unless you had a death wish. 
Then I went to my local farmshop for my weekly organic veg. Costs a bit but blimey it tastes great.  I got my usual hen-poo encrusted with feathers, free range eggs from there as well. Laid this morning apparently. Living where I do is perfectly placed for fresh fish off the docks and inland there an abundance of farmland which happily provides a million farmshops and roadside sellers of organic produce. For local produce including the best meat ever, Honeywells at Woodplumpton only sells meat reared within 10 miles of its shop. Got home and cooked a fish pie and it was rather magnificent even if I say so myself. 
So with a full belly and feeling happy with the world, I settle down to watch tv and my perfect evening is thwarted by Harry Friggin Potter being on AGAIN. Just for the record I HATE HARRY POTTER. Loathe with a passion. Really dislike.

And just for the record, I'm also pig-sick of:-

1. Cooking programmes where cooking a courgette is taken SOOOO seriously
2. Embarrassing bodies programmes. Smegma in foreskin is not my idea of fun
3. Childrens Hospital Programmes. Yuk and no thanks 
4. Giving birth programmes. Women's sphincters stretching to breaking point whilst giving birth to a slimy bloodied yowling baby whilst making the most hideous groaning and screeching noises is NOT my idea of entertainment. 
5. The relentless political general election debate programmes. 
6. Midsommer Murders / Frost.  Don't policemen retire at 50? 

If this is Saturday night tv viewing, I'll be out next week. I can't stand another night of Casualty. Thank goodness for Barca v Real Madrid on Sky....


  1. now then - you donning yer pinny then ? - yep the fish merchants at fleetwood are hard as nails lol - surprised when you were in fleetwood you didnt try the 1 of best butchers in town (Well on par with honeywells) and that's weardens on poulton road - fantastic place - as is the hindquarter in knott end - another good one. as for the embarrassing bodies comment well i am off cheese for weeks now - yuk !

  2. Have to agree with you Hel, total utter shite last night. Russ & Burty came round so at least we were able to fire up the barbie- that took 2 hours out of prime time TV viewing ! I just wonder how they sell these schedules to the advertisers. We've found a re-run of that brilliant series "Roots" on one of the Sky channels which we've series linked so have got those to watch; crap acting though ! remember Louis Gossett Jnr as Fiddler ?

  3. Hi DP and thanks for the comments.

    I do go to Weardens when in Fleetwood and you're right, it's a brill butchers as the queues outside the door will testify. When I'm out and about for veg etc I drive over to Honeywells & combine with lunch out at the Running Pump at Catforth!
    Re: Embarrassing Bodies - I know what you mean, I haven't touched cottage cheese for weeks...

  4. Hi bro Dave,
    Wow, Roots is back on? I'll try and find it just for the nostalgia factor. Ooh the memories of Kunta Kinte (always brought a snigger at the school the following morning), Chicken George and Kizzy. I loved it.
    Hope the barbie went well - nice night for it!
    FFB xx