Sunday, 4 April 2010


I'm loving the latest Marks and Spencer Spring 2010 advert. It features Twiggy looking uber sexy and doing a great job for the over 50's woman. Joining Twiggy this time are Danni Minogue and Lisa Snowdon. Danni's not an obvious 'model' choice  in the world of advertising as she's a little titchy (just over 5 foot), pushing 40 and pregnant. Bravo Marks and Sparks for not conforming to the stick-thin washed out model but selecting a very beautiful young lady who looks happy, healthy and obviously blooming in her pregnancy. 
Lisa Snowdon joins the group and looks great too. I thought she did a great job on Strictly Come Dancing and it looked positive that she would get more work on the back of it. 

As with all the Marks and Spencer adverts, they've chosen a fantastic backing track. Cheryl Lynn's 'Got To Be Real' and brings back some memories of 80's funk (the BEST music from the 80's). I had this track on 12 inch and it's just soooo Man Friday's Blackpool. 

M&S adverts have all the magic ingredients to make them memorable... popular celebrities, very classy production in great locations and banging backing tracks. And then Britain's national treasure Twiggy....  

When you get sick of the never-ending DFS, CSL and GoCompare adverts, click on the link below for an example of a superb advert ...

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