Sunday, 13 December 2009


It seems Bruce's wig and crap jokes are not the only travesties on this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing. Ok, Ali Bastian is a bit of a dullard and the romance with her dance partner Brian 'one eyebrow' Fortuna is a little icky, but blimey, they could dance. They've been consistently good right from the start and were hotly tipped to win the competition. This week saw Hansel and Gretel.. sorry Ali and Brian get perfect scores from the judges for their American Smooth. Then, amazingly, they get voted off by the fickle public and lose out to the deeply dippy Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan go through to the final. Call me a cynical old git, but these two are very personable (if not a little nauseating), but they haven't exactly set the dance floor alight with their technique or amazing dancing skill. They have got by with a crap nickname (Team Cola), a crap catchphrase (Yeah baby) and the 'Journey' word mentioned a few times. Oh yeah, and Chris works for the BBC as a presenter.....

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